Airtel — mistake in my airtel app’s prepaid recharging links leading to wrong payment, no refund, no reply

Airtel has a My Airtel App through which I manage my primary number registered with Airtel as well as 4 other connections for my family. Today I tried to recharge my daughter’s mobile number. I tapped her number on App. Then on A/c balance. So far, things were OK. Then I clicked on ‘best offers for you’ link below A/c status. I was taken to some offers. I chose Rs 399 recharge for 84 days. Airtel accepted my payment but against my primary number.

No warning was given during recharge that I had been diverted from my selected account to my primary account midway. I had recharged Pr account with Rs 399 a few days back but App accepted this new identical plan payment as well.

I have tried to complain to Airtel for refund but I am unable to reach the right menu through IVR. IVR system disconnects me without letting me register my complaint. No option for human contact.

Airtel app used to have a link for reporting a problem but that has been replaced only by only an FAQ section. Airtel used to have a designated email address for complaints but even that has been terminated by them. Emails to that address bounce back now. Through website also I cannot register complaint.

I was able to google a link for online complaints to Airtel and registered a complaint several times – PR02200477, PR072200475, PR072200469 etc. I get an acknowledgement that someone shall contact me within 2 hours but no one calls.

In a nutshell, Airtel has made it impossible for me to get in touch with them. And I have 5 connections including broadband. But they don’t care.

This is not the first time I have lost money because of their App. It has happened earlier (there was no wallet authentication unlike before – I clicked on wallet as my chosen payment and I was straight away taken to thank you page without asking for PIN).

If I don’t get a resolution this time in 24 hours, I am going to port all my connections to Vodafone and Jio. There seems to be no sense in staying with a telecom provider who cuts you off and does not want to listen to anything you have to say.


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