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14 Mar 2018

Take Money for courier service

Take money owner name Ashok before i give him product he give me fake promise i lost my money i know its my fault that i trust on him . I have paid for pickup and
31 Dec 2017 Money blocked while booking air ticket

Dear Sir, My name is Madhur and I was in the process of booking a flight from mumbai to delhi. there incurred some error, mostly a deliberate one, or may be it was a flaw in
31 Dec 2017

Bus booking | over-priced | operator price is ha @YATRA Online

Dear Sir, I have booked 2 bus tickets from Pune to Goa and I was the 1st person to book a tkt in that bus and was charged 2400 for 2 tkts, later on I checked on
5 Feb 2017

gvr travel fraud or not

Government Vacation Rewards United States, Delaware   Consumer complaints and reviews about Government Vacation Rewards Demeita¬†¬† Gvr travel   Jan 17, 2017 Just Pay a Travel Agent or Book on Expedia RIP OFF! Keep your money! When
10 Jun 2016


Hi My name is Akshay janardhan bhandari being a member with u guys since 2008 first of all I would like to highlight that till now there is no update about kolad plot everytime i ask someone