Cebs ( fraud company

CEBS PVT Limited is one of the most fraud companies you can ever find in this planet earth. They hire freshers saying 20 % will be training cost and will return it after 2 years but I never heard about them paying the amount.

Not the least this company claims that they are 150 plus employees and have offices in Australia, USA , Canada etc etc. Will suggest one thing go and physically visit their offices you will find nil

You will compelled to work for more than 13 hrs without any bonuses. Will only suggest never to join this company as it is a fraud company and you will suffer if you join and starts to make carrier.


“Cebs HR has no work to do so they have searched new work for themselves that is making new work ethics,playing politics and showing worthless attitude and the most important thing by doing so they think that they know whole HR process and whole world is in their dirty hands so hey guys come out of utopia coz it’s time to realize that world is a big ocean and you are small ugly fish.”


Guys its a ugly ugly company. Save your life and never join that stupid company.


Take strict action on this complaint


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  1. You should check with the retailer or place from where you have purchased it from. Typically it would take 3 to 12 hours from the time of purchase depending on the place of purchase. Otherwise you can contact the nearest jio centre or customer care.

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