Dr Batra’s Bad Reviews

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Rahul h Chauhan
Dr.Batra Shivaranjani Ahmedabad Clinic I have been taking treatment from Dr.BATRA’s Shivaranjani Branch, Ahmedabad. They had told that their homeopathic treatment would help me treat the problem from the roots. But nothing happened after taking 9 Months treatment. The doctors present in the clinic are all trained in marketing and are more interested


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One thought on “Dr Batra’s Bad Reviews

  1. My Name is Murali and I consult Dr. Batra’s – Malleswaram. To talk about the experience, they are very good at emotional blackmailing & attracting clients! But to keep up the promise they are very bad. to quote my example: I am a client from the last 4 years, each year is extended by the doctor saying you have to continue or else the disease may come back. I had been there for an allergic problem.

    I strongly feel they do not know what disease to identify in my case. Now-a -days their attitude towards me is very bad, doctors (Dr. Vidya) say they do not want to meet/see me. I am surprised that this is the first clinic who is saying this. The other professional doctor (Dr. Manjunath) as they say, come to this clinic once in 2 months and I have to wait and no response from them for this. I will have to call them to check if so called professional doctor has come or not!

    I feel these guys are just fooling around with people, saying that they will clear the problem within 6 months as in my case it is still on after 4 years! The staff assistance is so bad & the coordination is horrible. No time management(worst in fact). Each one shifts the blame on the other.

    I personally suggest please please do not go Dr. Batra’s & visit your known Homeopathic doctors instead! The value for money is Zero.

    If they feel that you were not satisfied and you start complaining, they immediately change the doctors & the new doctor will take few months to understand (Dr. Vidya will be my 8 or 9th Doctor). Superb strategy.

    Hopeless Clinic

    I am forwarding to get my refund! If Dr. Batra’s have really some concerns to their client, they can also call me. If I do not get any response for this mail also. I will complain to the consumer forum.

    I do not have the medicines from the last 10-12 days and I have told this to Mr. Leo (after his entry into my case the case became much worse) no reply from his side. I feel the company should kick this man out first.

    Murali S

    ID: ending numbers______ 419480

    Mobile: 9886022691

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