Eureka Forbes Service for AMC customer

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Eureka Forbes — Service for AMC customer


I am having water purifier and has taken AMC on 18/12/2016 with contract receipt no 27367631, My machine is not working and logged the complain to service center on saturday through mobile number 9806326031 which is your service center and got a call from contact no 7898140075 he visiting when there was electricity failure and told that he will visit again till now there is n visit and they have not provided the complain number also, today I have logged a call through toll free number with complain number 2002971917 at 9.30 a m till now there is no response, what a pathetic service I am getting and it is harassment to the customer who has paid the AMC upfront. This is the way the company works or company is winding up his products so that they are providing such a pathatic service t the customers.


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One thought on “Eureka Forbes Service for AMC customer

  1. After purchasing AMC online, I raised a service request(2006172329) on 7 Jan 2018 to change the filter on Saturday 13 Jan 2018 but today is 14 Jan and till now (6pm ) no one shows up. It seems that i made a great mistake by purchasing AMC online and the claim that eureka forbes made – service resolved in one day is completey false and they should remove it immediately.
    It seems If you purchase AMC online then local service center will not pay attention to your service request and more than that eureka forbes doesn’t have enogh power to control them.Their escalation matrix on website also doesn’t work so you will feel that all of your money is wasted . Every time you call customer care they will tell you that they are escalating the issue and you will recieve a call from senior but you will not get any.
    I made a mistake by purchasing AMC Online, please don’t waste your time and money on this just purchase equipment online and watch video from youtube to how to replace filters.

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