Fake Emails or Message

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I am getting this type of Email Is this fake or not. Please let me know what is this and why the internet services not stop these are.

Congratulation ! From U.K Samsung Company

Worcester, United Kingdom.
Contact Number : +448719150122

We wish to congratulate you once again on this note, for being part of the winners selected on the { SAMSUNG INTERNATIONAL WORLD LOTTERY AWARD 2016}
This is to inform you that we have made an arrangement for the fast delivery of your winning funds, your prize administrator’s {Dr.Henry K }in collaboration with the{SAMSUNG INTERNATIONAL COMPANY}
This Honorable company has gone as far as listening to the( SAMSUNG INT. U.K GENERAL MANAGER, DR HENRY K)for the legal provision of your documents, this company have also assisted you to make a direct contact with the likewise to the (Ministry Of Finance) at approximately 24 hours ago and they have told us what to do for the safe transaction of your winning funds to your account which we have accepted and enlisted below.Reserve Bank Of India

Having considered all possible measures for the fast transaction of your cash prize money, we resolve to use the Central Reserve Bank of you country (RBI). We have made all necessary arrangement, your personal details has been Received.
Therefore, you have successfully succeeded the requirements, statutory obligations,verification’s,Validations and satisfactory Report test conducted for all our lucky winners in this international electronic Email draw award.( SAMSUNG COMPANY UK AWARD 2016)

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Furthermore, the approved of your winning funds was carried out by the (Financial service authority here in London and judiciary together with British Gaming Board and also licensed by the International Association of Gaming Regulators) (LARGE) for FAST ONLINE TRANSFER BY (RBI). Kindly note that your contact is needed from your side to the bank for transfer of your lottery amount as soon as possible.

We have map out Diplomat (MR MARK PHILIP ) for your help if there is anything needed for you to do with the bank he will be in the best position to work with the bank very fast as your diplomat. Please all you are proceeding with the bank should be forwarded to him for more information base on what he will act on your behalf, this is to stand by legal Instructions of Indian government in terms of monetary law, reason is because your funds of {3.60 Crores Rupees} has been marked as a diplomatic consignment which not be deducted by the Reserve Bank Of India,as it has been approved by UK diplomatic immunity.
Note! It is the Duty of your appointed diplomat to guide you and advice you on how to proceed with the(RBI)without any complications.
As you may likely to know! Your winning fund in India currency is approximately {3.60 Crores Rupees} therefore you are admitted to follow the instructions laid down by the law of claims in your country to enable you achieve your dream goal.

Note, unknown account should you allow your winning prize to be deducted, this is to avoid fascinations because it has been licensed and insured by your name only as the winner, therefore do not hesitate to follow the instructions of your representative diplomat {MR.MARK PHILIP},be 100% assured to receive your winning fund in your account in as long as you follow the instruction from the Reserve Bank Of India.
Finally we advise you to keep us updated as soon as the Paying Bank Central Reserve Bank Of India Foreign Remittance Online Transfer Department (RBI) had transferred your fund into your account in other for us (The Lottery Company) to list your name on the winning list
This company advice you to acknowledge the receipt of this mail and be willing to receive our senior official diplomat to your home with respect as soon as the transaction is completed.
The Diplomatic Officer will be Arriving India and you are to send to Our Diplomatic Officer a copy of your ID prove ( ID CARD/ PASSPORT / VOTERS CARD OR DRIVER LICENSE COPY( agentmarkphilip22@gmail.com) to enable him ide
Sir plz ….
It’s true or fake
Plz send details.

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