Fraud Committment-Eminence Immigration Consultant Pvt Ltd

Hi all,
Eminence gave me wrong commitment and initially when i raised then they pull me with false statements and i relied on them.

After that their case officer disnt worked for 1.5 months even i asked them to work.Then, finally i asked that refund my money as from initial day 1, I am not satisfied.I have all emails with me.

People involved : farah, meher, legal team, mounika, managment.
They are now denying. Dont rely on such immigration services.

Very pathetic behavior of Niharika as noone is supporting in my case and legal action i need to take for my refund.They agreed on their gaps and giving me aolution which I cant accept after wasting my 4 months as attached. See their services :

No commitment, no escalation mateix, noone to listen.

Sales team want to sell and then noone to listen.


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