From TDR Reject to TDR Refund

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Arun Yadav
Attachments11:37 AM (4 minutes ago)
to tdrprocess, care

Dear Sir,

I had booked a ticket from BSB to KOTA in 13237/PNBE KOTA EXP, journey date was 11-Mar-2018. I was unable to cancel it 11-Mar-2018 . and hence was directed by irctc to file TDR . I had Filed TDR Claim mentioning Reason For TDR: Train Late More Than Three Hours and Passenger Not Travelled.Subsequently I had sent an email to asking as to when the refund will get processed . I didn’t got any response from railways and 26th MARCH 2018. I received an email from mentioning that claim is rejected stating reason “As per chart, passenger has travelled”. Please note that I had travelled to 11072 / KAMAYANI EXPRES . and hence could not travel by the 13237/PNBE KOTA EXP on same day. I have the ticket details of 11072 / KAMAYANI EXPRES , hence I can prove that railways has wrongly denied the TDR claim.But it is wrong. I have not traveled.
Please check it ones from your end,i want my money back or Refund. Please find the enclosed attachment for irctc Image.
I will be Greateful to you.

travelled By train Details –

Train No./Name: 11072 / KAMAYANI EXPRES

Transaction ID: 100001188146979

PNR No 2724341146

Not travelled By train Details-

Train No./Name: 13237 / PNBE KOTA EXP
pnr no. is – 6512318125
Transaction id- 100001188351215
Cancellation id- 100000223730529
Date of cancellation 11-Mar-2018
Ticket Amount:610.0


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One thought on “From TDR Reject to TDR Refund

  1. Dear Sir, My mobile Number is 9408138474. My email ID is smdave1940@yahoo(dot)com My name is Shirish Mohanlal Dave I have tried to register with IRCTC several time since last two years. But it fails under the plea that mobile number is already in use. I have also tried to login with “forget password But it does not work. The Phone Number for help viz 01139340000 gives an announcement that number is temporarily not available. When I dial 01123340000, it remains to engage and appears to remain busy. I have never registered with IRCTC or WR. However, on your record, my mobile appears to have been registered. Now according to your record let me know: The date of Registration with IRCTC with this mobile number What is my full name What is my address What are the details of my each booking and amounts paid to IRCTC/WR using my mobile, with dates, What are the details of refunded amounts in cash for each booking cancellation, and to credit the same to my account with dates, wherever I did online booking, This is most urgent, as IRCTC is rejecting my registration since several years on the plea that my mobile number is already used, whereas I have never used my mobile number. Your website has no provision to cancel the registration. If this had been there, I would have canceled and re-register my account. Regards, Yours truly, Shirish M. Dave

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