I have dissapointment Caused by Divya Kit

My husband have seen the advertisement of divya kit on the channel and he ordered it for me.at the time they want to make u fool or u can say they want to sell there product they will call u 100 times and pretend to be a good doctor who can cure anything wid there so called divya kit. he have ordered it and they send the kit through courier.which was cash on delivery.

I have gave them 4200 rupees but the courier man have not gave me any receipt or any invoice for the same.he gave me the kit and went away. when i have opened it i haven’t got all the medicines they have mentioned at the time of dispatching it. i have called them many times..now also i m calling them everyday but they didn’t bother and many times they cut the phone or they will tell u they revert u back but till now i havent got remaining medicine or any receipt. please dont fool yourself by ordering this product online. they are fraud.they just make us fool in the name of god.which is really very disappointing.


Kavita Bhatt


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