ICICI Bank Unethical Practice at ICICI bank Parsik Nagar Branch Kalwa

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I requested locker in icici bank in parsik nagar bank many times over past months.
Earlier we were asked to create new account and invest in term plan i protect for a locker. however they have not given us locker after we complied which in itself is breach of trust.

Even 29-04-2017 after half an hour of waiting Mr Hitesh Muglani manager addressed our query and asked us to invest in maximiser mutual fund, dead fund or NFO.
We agreed to invest in FD as per rbi rules and 1 lack FD but he denied giving us locker on this basis
I have raised this issue to ICICI bank customer care and now bank is saying there is waiting list.
But when I was ready to invest there was no waiting list and suddenly now waiting list is created for locker, I am asking to give me my waiting list number which also they are not giving me.


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One thought on “ICICI Bank Unethical Practice at ICICI bank Parsik Nagar Branch Kalwa

  1. Dear sir, I am ICICI bank employee.. it’s been only 6 month I joined this banks.. I will tell you truth about ICICI bank… as you said that you were not given locker..because you refused to invest in ULIP funds(LI)… This is 100 % true… Sir..but you should not blame junior staff (PB,VB) for this..the real culprits are branch manager and lead PB… If junior staff could not sell Ulip (LI) on any day… then they are punished .. PBs and VBs are Mentally tortured…. every evening after 7pm all PBs and VBs are called in a cabin like a slave.. and those who could not sell LI..by hook or by crook.. such employees are humiliated like any thing… they are threatened that you will be transferred to other branch far away from his home….you will loose your job… why you joined this bank if you can’t sell LI… and so and so…. Further they threat to reject all leave applications of such employees…
    Sir..what I have observer so far in my branch is that… It is not bank.. rather I would say it is a place where customer money is used to generate profit for a bank in unethical and immoral way… Customer comes for FD but they mind washed and forced to invest in ULIp plans…even a donkey knows that ULIP(LI) is worst investment… to get average return one has to wait at least 5-10 years.. it is better to invest in Mutual Funds rather than investing in ULIP…but since bank generate higher revenue(14%) customers are forced/misguided to buy ULIP plan.. IRDA should stop selling of Ulip product(LI) in Bank branch premises… I remember an incidence ..that a customer was refused to give withdrawal slip to withdraw his money beacuse he was not carrying passbook and identity proof with him… But I have seen cases where for a customer who agrees to invest in LI was issued instant cheque books for the purpose of fund transfer to ICICI Pru..
    my question is to HR..that when they hire to any new candidate for PB role why they don’t inform the candidates about this Phethatic work culture… Why they don’t say to candidate that you are not joining a bank but your are joining a life insurance office… Dear HR team..I request you please wake up and take corrective steps… I joined as PB… I am eager to serve ICICI bank in good faith… But I am not able to perform my duties because of clashes of interest. BM and lead PBs utilise all time which is available to me for their interest… l.e sale of LI meeting in morning.. customer service on counter in branch from 9.30am to 5.00 pm and..in evening humiliation meeting for LI… now..my question is to HR..that How will a PB get time for visit to customer place for SA and CA account opening… where is time for 2 visit daily…when I say to BM that i have to go to customer place for open SA/CA account.. I am not allowed ..they say sit on counter and serve customer and hunt for LI opportunities..or even if any PB goes out of the branch during operation hours(9:30am to 5pm) for customer visit for account opening or for any purpose other than LI sale.. then DBM and BM will scold on him..why you went out during customer service hours….all bullshit every one knows how customer services are given in branches… My question is to HR why there is gap between ICICI bank policy as a whole and work culture in branches…
    I would suggest HR that they should issue mandate to BM and Lead PB that… They should allow all PBs to work for their BSC..after 4 pm every PB should allow to visit client place…..PBs should not be forced to stay in branches for any operational work..and branches should be closed max to max by 7:30pm if HR Cant do this then I will say that ICICI HR is ruining PB employee’s career and health

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