TDR filing & refund

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I had book a ticket from Mumbai – CSTM to Goa – Madgaon for 3rd January 2017 for six passengers which all was under status PQWL on 24th October 2016 in 2nd Class AC. During the passing months, two passenger got confirms. We decide to waited until chart prepare hoping that the rest of the passengers will get confirms as the status was waiting list 1, 2, 3, 4. However, on the final hours the status remains the same with two confirm & the rest still in waiting list. As it was family travelling together with two senior citizens, two female adults and two children, we had to cancel our plan to travel the journey by trains. I filed for TDR 2hrs 6 min (around 19:53) before the schedule travel time – 22:00hrs on that very date. I had also received a confirm mail for TDR process from with reference no. On 18th January 2017, I received a mail from that by TDR filing reason – REPUDIATION OF CASE without any details. I call up customer care to enquire & they told me to reopen my TDR case and send an email to I again open my TDR case & wrote to them. After that I have not received any answer to my mail. It’s been more than 1 month since I’m following it up. Strange is that I have file TDR according to the IRCTC rules under 6 (1) clearly written in old & new rules I can file for TDR third minutes before the schedule departure time. I not only got re-fund on the 2 confirm passenger nor even on the 4 waiting list passenger which should had been automatically credit back to my account. Either the concern authority who is in charge does not knon it’s own rules or is beginning deaf to it.

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I even wrote twice to & Still no reply and then I wrote to Even from them no reply.

I’m forwarding my case for you to study and to get justice.

PNR No. 8252504762,
Transaction ID: 100000638709036

Lill Thapa


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