Wisdom Jobs Review

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Complaint Post By: Sriharsha Gundurao
Wisdomjobs.com is One of India’s fraudulent job portals
Mode of operation:
Fake head hunters of wisdomjobs.com will search for profiles in some of the reputed sites like Naukri.com and monsterjobs.com
They go through the jobseekers’ profiles and find out jobseeker’s email-ID and their area of work
Next day, jobseekers will receive mail from Wisdomjobs.com with subject line “TCS is hiring for networking professionals” “Tech Mahindra is hiring for SAP admins” etc based on jobseekers area of work
Once jobseeker create a profile in Wisdomjobs.com to apply for the above fake positions, people start calling from Wisdomjobs.com for registration so that they can send the CV to the companies.
They convince the jobseeker that free registration just advertises the CV, while they forward the CV once registered.
After registration, an order ID is created for jobseeker. Some people will call jobseeker to add further services like resume writing, etc.
It’s the end. You will never receive any JD or job alerts from Wisdomjobs.com from any companies.
Surprisingly the people who call jobseeker 10 times a day to register will never receive any call from jobseeker. They just turn their asses away
In my case, the fraudelent executive’s name was Giri Duwu, giri.duwu@wisdomjobs.com. Not sure if it was his real name or a fake one. Phone No. 040-42242441

Wisdoms Review

My order Id with wisdomjobs.com is JS41879 amounting 3174. One month got over, till today I have not received any JD from them, though I am receiving plenty from Naukri, timesjobs and Monster.
Since I already got an offer from an MNC (thanks to Naukri.com), I am writing this. I dont care if I dont receive any further mails from Wisdom.

My bad, that I introduced my friend too.

When I tried calling the same guy, the call was picked up or sometimes picked by someone else and says he is in meeting, and to call after sometime.
I wrote mails to them asking the status. There is a predefined template with them as below which is a default reply irrespective of the query

We activated your services and are forwarding your profile to the organizations basing upon your preferences highlighting your key skills, experience etc, The emails that you get show the number of organizations your resume is sent to in that particular week. We share this information to you every week. As we are sharing your profile directly with recruiters and employers they don’t want to share the details of their organizations due to direct enquiries from jobseekers.

Friends, if there are any mails from Wisdomjobs in your inbox by mistake, mark as spam so that you will never receive them again and will never waste your time and money like me.

Important: If at all you see any positive review on the net about wisdomjobs.com, for sure it will be written by one of the fraudulent staff or management members.


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