Worst Customer Service Ever – Nextra Broadband

Worst Customer Service Ever – Nextra Broadband

I had been using Nextra Broadband for over a year. and my connection stopped working on 28th Aug 2017. I had called Nextra customer service reps and got on calls with them atleast 15-20 days in the month of Sept 2017 for the connection downtime and their engineers not able to fix it throughout the month. The technical engineer came everytime several hours investigating, munually adjusted the signal a bit, connection worked for an hour or two and down again. This went on for the whole month from 28th Aug to 25th Sept 2017 when the connection did not even work for collectively 10-12 hrs in whole month.

I kept registering complaints and they kept promising to extend my connection for all days it didn’t work. But when I called customer care, they said we will not extend inspite of 15 complaint nos. I had raised with them in 20 days. Instead of being able to fix the connection issues and being polite for the connection been down & feeling sorry for the problems I was facing everyday bcos of them, their customer service showed the highest level of misbehavioural & rude attitude throughout for the whole month.

People in their Customer Service like Ms Kavita said “You are free to run your businesses on your mbile connections if broadband isnt working”, why would we trust you that you are even in town, why would we trust you that your connection isn’t working now also. I put their technical engineers on their multiple conference calls and asked them to talk directly with their own engineers and resolve their issues internally but this customer care making me stay on the line for 20 mins, tells their technical engineers, why would we trust you that the connection isn’t working. Get us approvals from your boss and only then we will believe you that then connection didn’t work the whole mnth.

They complete failed all levels of attitude. Inspite of getting on the call with them for almost 40 times in the month to fight for my refund, Neither they refunded my money, nor extended the connection and neither were sorry for what had happened in the whole month. They are the worst company service out their with highly unpolite and rude customer service. Eat up all your money you pay for connection and tell you to run your work on your mobile phones for mnths.

Pasting some complaint nos. raised with them for everyones ref , so they can also know:
– 20667255003
– 20667255004
– 20667255005
– 20667255007
– 20667255008
– 20667259003
– 20667259004
– 20667259005

Wasted 50 hrs talking to these people to get my money back or extension on their multiple promises, but failed to deal with these absurd customer service staff out there and decided to stop wasting more time on these nerds and let the money I had already given them with no service provided be wasted.

Beware of them and never go to them. Bcos the day you will face an issue, they will never fix things for you and rather climb back on you with a set of nerds and rudest people sitting there. Neither will they ever give your money back. Cheats is what I can call them!


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